A sankalpa is a specific kind of intention: a clear, quiet, neutral place to stand. Imagine a platform in the deep, deep forest, like that from which a biologist might watch. We are scientists of ourselves and we need a clear, quiet place from which to watch the thoughts. Our sankalpa is an expression of why we practice, a touchstone to which we can return when we get lost among our thoughts and desires.

Qualities of Sankalpa

  • A clear, concise sentence
  • stated Positively.
  • starting with what is already well.
  • ascribing a quality of being to you that you want to affirm
  • in the present tense - affirming your basic wholeness.

Examples: “I am whole.” “I am good.” “I am healthy.” “I am relaxed and at ease.” “I respond to situations appropriately in the moment they happen.” “I am worthy.”