What to do now

Hello Amazing Transformational Seeker! Thank you for signing up for your YogaGuide Consult.

What to do:

Please copy and paste the questions in the next section into an email and then answer with as much detail as you're comfortable and we'll schedule your phone or video consult usually within the following week. The information helps me tailor my recommendation to you and some of the questions might feel like a little much. Just provide the level of information you are comfortable with and know that will be the basis of our consultation.

What you'll receive:

You'll receive a clear path forward, instruction in at least one technique to support your ongoing transformation and the clarity of knowing you are bringing your most powerful asset online in support of your wellbeing: your own focused attention and awareness in a clear, non-judgmental field. That last part is the hardest - I know. As you answer the questions, think of yourself and the focus of your transformation as your best friend. How would you approach this situation if your dearest friend, whose power and goodness you totally believe in, brought these concerns to you?

Do this before you begin: Take a moment to close your eyes, feel your body in space as you inhale. Then, as you exhale. Three times.

Did you notice that your breath deepened or relaxed a bit after you started paying attention? Your open focus and awareness is tremendously powerful: it changes your experience.

Okay, now you're ready to begin. Let's get this transformation started!