What to Expect

You'll make changes in your diet and in your exercise. You'll make changes in how you care for yourself.

At times this may be uncomfortable. Whether increased veg creates temporary digestive changes or including yoga first thing in the morning feels selfish, change can bring up uncomfortable sensations.

Bring those and all sensations to the mat. On the mat you have your own laboratory for creating conditions an observing how the system changes under those conditions. Your mat is your testing ground.

If you're a writer, bring your journal. Artist, your colors. Write down your focus for each week, the time it will take and the times you'll take for it. Write down the sensations each principle brings up. Notice I said "sensations" not feelings. You can write feelings, too, but when you focus on sensation - an actual location and quality in your body - you are focused on the present moment. This mindfulness practice will balance your mind and body, your heart and head and help you uncover and disarm resistance that may have sabotaged other attempts at healing.