How to use this course

This course is organized around 7 principles, each one pretty intuitive, but synergistically powerful together.

“One thing at a time isn’t what gets people better, it’s an ecology that gets you better.” ~Dr. Margaret Herbert, author Systems Biology of Recovery, during Zen Brain (

You're changing your ecology. So while one thing at a time isn't the total story, adding one thing at a time consciously and allowing the system to morph and adapt around it is the simple, experimental methodology we'll be using to transform your ecology toward balance.

You'll receive the first few lessons right away, then one a week for the next 5 weeks. Read through the lessons and do the practice. You'll receive new practices weekly for the first 4 weeks. If you'd rather start the full program today, reply to this email and ask to have full access right away. Different people tackle change differently, so if you feel like you've been waiting all your life for this content and want to start the full program from jump, just let me know and you'll get the full she-bang. Otherwise, the course will come a little each week, for those who prefer to absorb one change at a time, observe the shifts and add another drop of goodness.

The first two weeks - Restorative and Yin - you can do as often as you'd like, but at least once a week once you have each one. We're laying groundwork.

In the coming weeks you'll add a Sun Salutation Practice and a Revolved practice, both with breathing and belly churning practices that will heat things up and bring circulation to the digestive tract and organs. Add one practice a week. No more than 4 heating practices a week. We'll cover why later. Trust the restoration.

The first and last 2 weeks you'll be revisiting the food and drink awareness additions covered in the session on food as hormonal building blocks. Pick one of these at a time to add in. Focus on just water or just veg or just sourcing. You'll return later to refine, level up again or just bring awareness to how your food and drink make you feel.

So the first week is the one with the most activity. You'll read the lesson on food as hormonal building blocks, choose an activity to add there and you'll add in a half hour restorative practice. The additions you make will create energy and you may be surprised at what drops away.

Schedule the time to put into action your first food and drink addition. Schedule your first restorative practice. Really - put you on the calendar. Track your completion of what you've planned for the week and what you are sensing each day on the chart provided here. Just print out and put a simple check - that's the minimum. If you have time, answer the questions in the other columns.