You've made a powerful decision to take your well being into your own, capable hands. Alongside whatever else you may be doing or not doing, you're adding simple, effective practices to your life in a sustainable way.

Take a long view and make small changes, maybe even one at a time. Look for the effects, fine tune and then choose another change. Proceeding in this way, you're making over your internal ecology, not following an external guideline.

While you'll find guidelines here - 7 principles for organic transformation - take the time to test each one. See what attracts you the most - do that thing. Live with it a week. Add another thing. Don't worry about what you need to "eliminate" or "quit." You're going to add so much awesome that something will have to fall away, and it will be something less awesome. Pretty soon there will only be awesome and more awesome.

But we're ahead of ourselves.

Let's get started.