How we connect

First of all, congrats on taking this step! You have made a commitment to your well being that, when you continue taking the steps outlined below and then in our consultation - building one small action on the last - will inevitably lead to your transformation. In your Yoga Guide Consult, you will receive an outline of baby steps that will support your ongoing transformation.

Step 1: Click here for your New Yogi Questionnaire. Don't worry about the time - you'll answer a few questions right away and that is all this step is for. Choose any time, finish the sign up and answer the questions as completely and thoughtfully as possible with regard to the reason that brings you here. Do this right now.

Step 2: Schedule your complimentary consultation with Christine here, use the code INITIALCONSULT to do this for FREE. During your consult, you will be presented with options from DIY and Home Yoga Practice to Ongoing Private Yoga Support, Small Group Zoom classes, Membership and Scholarship. There are options, so take this step to receive support and attention.

Step 3: Check out 52 Weeks of Healing Habits to get started right now. 52 Weeks of Healing Habits is a roadmap for your baby step transformation toward the wellbeing you seek right now.

52 Weeks of Healing Habits guides you through one new, manageable habit a week for a whole year. Habits YOU get to arrange for a personalized journey. 52 habits that reinforce one another no matter where you start.

Check out "52 Weeks of Healing Habits" here. Copy the board and move it around to create your own, personal roadmap.

In our consultation we review your personal roadmap, you'll get personal advice on implementation, yoga poses, breath techniques and meditations appropriate for you right now and clarity about how to receive more support.

Pro tip: The first thing I always do when I need a jumpstart is go for the "10 servings of fruit and veg a day" habit. There is something magic about prioritizing 10 half cup servings of fruit and vegetables and front loading it with breakfast that skyrockets all my other efforts, from hydration to walking to yoga to sleep. Seriously, this is my go to.

Just play with it and see what feels right for your first step - then GO DO IT - right now :) You'll be happy you did.