You did it! Congratulations on enrolling in and starting this 11 day course to reduce stress. Reduced stress will result in increased focus, energy and strength, less cortisol - a stress hormone that wreaks havoc on your body and mind, less worry, strain and fear.

We'll do this together using techniques from yoga to create heat, energy, focus and release tension, worry and fear. At the end of each practice you'll use Final Rest Pose - Savasanahhhhh! - to consolidate the good you've created. Your body and mind will have a little time to integrate the new sensations and information and release whatever they replace.

Let's make a few decisions first so your first practice is easy breezy - continue to the next lesson to lay your foundation.

You're a rock star! And you'll feel more like one every day you do your practice. Sure, even rock stars have down days. But the thing about rock stars is that they keep rolling to the next gig, knowing that every appearance is a new adventure, a new experiment.

Rock on, yogi.