Why 11 days?

From the Badlands blog, "Notes from the Mat:"

"Lift, now Coach.me, a habit tracking and support app recently published some data that has me thinking. It suggests that people who started tracking a daily meditation habit were likely to continue if they made it past the 11th day. "90% of meditators on Lift continue to do it daily after just 11 days." And my students have shown this transfers to your Home Yoga Practice, particularly if you meld the method with this other insight: the simpler the action, or sub unit of the action you want to establish, the faster the activity will become a habit (unconscious tendency). "

With this program, you'll roll out your mat and have a short practice every day for 11 days. You'll have journal prompts if you want to do that, but just logging in and doing each day's practice will check off boxes and show you your progress, so you will have tracked 11 consecutive days of a simple sub unit of action: a short, guided yoga practice. That's a foundation you can build on.

If you want to use the program in this way, just do one practice each of the 11 days. No more, no less. The idea is not to overwhelm your system. You're creating a groove, taking a long view.

If you already have a pretty steady home practice, you might want to use these practices as inspirations, or jumping off points - see what they make you feel like doing and pause before Final Rest Pose to do one or more extra poses of your own inspiration. When you're ready to consolidate, integrate and assimilate the good you've created, just hit play again and take your Savasanahhhh!

11 day Yoga Practice Tracker.pdf