How it works

You'll receive an email within 24 hours to set up your first session. In the mean time, fill out the Get to Know You form and head over to zoom and download the app - it's super quick and easy - and you'll be all set!

I'm excited for you to begin your Badlands Yoga journey. Don't forget to check out the blog and the Home Yoga Practice Support free course. You have peeps - yoga peeps. Word.

Our ground rules:

  • Everything is optional.
  • Questions are encouraged.
  • Yoga pose is not how the pose matches a picture, but how it feels in your body. You’re the only one who can know this. You are in charge of what happens on your mat.
  • Rest when you want to. Child’s pose is usually great for that.
  • If something hurts breathe, stop, slowly come out, always let me know.
  • Pain to absolutely avoid is sharp or electric sensation. Intensity can feel like fatigue, stretch, compression or exertion. Always find an edge you can remain present with and not in spite of. Cultivate an even, steady breath through the nose, unless otherwise instructed. Don’t out-yoga your breath.