Welcome to Badlands Yoga!

Welcome to your online yoga studio! These videos and audios are meant to support a complete practice: strong, even sweaty yoga some days, yin for its meditative and tension releasing qualities others, and restorative for its total relaxation and reset button on still others.

The first set of two videos - the Targeted Series - are for any time. The Psoas Release Series is just what it says, though it can be intense, so take it easy the first time until you know how your body-mind responds. At the other end of the spectrum, the Joint Freeing Series (Pavanmuktasana) can be done any time and is a complete, gentle practice all its own.

You can move through backbends to forward folds, twists, core and sun salutations which each have a beginner and an intermediate video. In each practice, the poses balance one another; similarly, by following this pattern your practices will balance one another.

Finally, I recommend one Yin practice and one Restorative every week. The audios at the bottom are perfect for this as the poses are very simple and there's no need to crane your neck to see a screen. The whole point of these practices - even more than others - is to go inside.

If you can do 4 practices a week, I recommend 2 from the strong hatha videos, 1 yin and one restorative.

Leave a comment below and share your practice, your goals and hopes with your Unlimited Online Membership!