If You're Too Activated to Sit

If you’re too activated and jittery - how to settle and calm down

Sometimes you have every intention of sitting for meditation, but when you sit your mind doesn’t cooperate, not even a little bit. You feel like a live wire, tingling and full of ideas and plans and things that you really, really need to do.

That’s ok. You’ve committed this time to your meditation, so simply remain. There are some things you can do to calm your nervous system and become more at ease. Turning your palms down on your lap can have a calming effect. Closing your eyes or lowering your gaze can also help. Disengage your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Cultivate abdominal breathing to invoke the relaxation response. And finally, lengthening and emphasizing the exhalation can help you find space enough to sit.

Try Bumble Bee Breath or chanting the seed mantras, both below.