While I'm building... How to Use this workbook

Hi there HYPers!

I'm so excited for our HYP Retreat coming up! In this section you'll find the master workbook, the workbook that represents the evolution of 10 years of HYP Workshops. Workshops that have helped hundreds of people build a Home Yoga Practice from the bottom up - even people who had never done yoga before the retreat on which they took the workshop.

Ways to use this section:

  • You could download the entire workbook and put it in a binder.
  • Use it straight from your tablet or laptop
  • Answer the journaling exercises in a separate notebook
  • Download relevant sections for each workshop
  • Read straight through
  • Dip in where you need some structured reflection

Each of the workshops will be based on portions of this workbook and those portions will be reproduced in those separate workshops online.

Again, you don't have to print the whole thing out, but you certainly can.

You don't even need to read it. The retreat will follow the flow and will be largely discussion, activity and practice based.

This is the distillation of 20 years of growing my own practice - through fits and starts, in healing and healed bodies, through surgery, tragedy, joy, celebration, boredom, defeat and pleasure. These are the tools I use to troubleshoot, support, reflect, think through and enlighten my own practice. I hope they bring light and lightness to yours. From my mat to yours.

Namaste: the light in me recognizes the light in you and deeply bows, then dances.