Intermediate Backbending Class

Strong standing poses, a challenging locust kriya (moving poses) and one legged standing poses make this class a little more challenging, but nothing you haven't seen before :) You might want a block.

We start with yin poses and breath awareness before cat-dog, sacral pump, plank wave and waving up (notice it uses the same muscles as the plank wave and sacral pump?) and getting into the sides of the ribs and hips with candlestick. Bellow's breath, camel, flame breath and fists of fire stoke the inferno running your engine and prepare you for camel warrior and flying camel, counter posed with a twist, a forward fold (humble warrior) and then some body awareness of the shoulder girdle back in what may now feel like "plain old" warrior. A side facing series, some camel-dog flow before really firing up the posterior chain for locust bridge. Finishing poses neutralize the effort before Savasanahhhhhh! Feel free to stay longer!

Which of the locusts is easiest for you - H, A, T or W? Which is the most difficult? Have you noticed the series become easier over the month?