We are self-healing machines. Cuts and bruises are evidence of the massive capacity of our bodies to self-repair. Inflammation, while often referred to as an obstacle to healing is actually the very mechanism for the body's self repair. Only when the system's own internal controls are thwarted, turned off or damaged does inflammation result in disability or disease.

Inflammation is actually the delivery system for white blood cells (infection fighters), proteins (for repair), neurotransmitters and other immune compounds to a site that is damaged. The extra fluid both protects the site and delivers the building blocks necessary for repair and rebuilding. This is how our body is supposed to function.

Even pain is meant to create rest so that the crucial first days of repair and rebuilding can occur without extra demands for metabolism, weight bearing and cleaning up.

But often our schedules, roles and responsibilities mean we power through these days. This powering through means we begin to ignore the signals our body is using to communicate with us: sensation. We begin to live more in our ideas than our bodies. And our bodies absorb this.

Until they cannot any longer. Until the obstacles to healing have accumulated to an extent they can no longer work around. Until the processes that our bodies deployed in order to heal have been kept going without support or opportunity for resetting for so long that the byproducts pile up like boxes in the houses of hoarders.

The remedy? The remedy is to reduce the obstacles, to take out the boxes, open up the pathways and take the attention to clear out what is backed up. Notice, that's not the time: we so often think that it will take so much time, time we can ill afford, time that's not in our schedule or keeps getting claimed by this project, that emergency, a breakdown, a call.

But attention is the commodity that is in such short supply. What our body needs is not another idea, another routine, another compound. Your body can manufacture the compounds it needs and when it does, it manufactures them holistically, along with the micro compounds that help them work efficiently, effectively, without side effects.

Our bodies' currency is not language, ideas or time: it is attention.

Specifically attention to sensation.

When we attend to specific sensations, we willingly enter into the present moment. We join forces with our bodies. We return our minds to their homes: we co-incide with our selves. Our true self, accessible by our present moment experience through breath and sensation.